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PODCAST: The Struggle Is Real Episode 45 (Part 2)

On episode #45 Part 2, Ryan and the gang finish up a two-part episode with Flowerhouse Studios owner and On the Cinder frontman/guitarist Jason Wright. They talk tour stories, Jason’s incredibly affordable studio and the issues that come with running a punk house studio and much more.

Also, Ryan has a big announcement about Struggling Productions partnering with Yace Booking. The gang asks Santa for a ton of stuff for the buffalo music scene and they play music by On The Cinder, Ian McCuen, Omeri Monroe, Shambles and Philip Stephen.

0:00 - INTRO
1:05 - BIG ANNOUNCEMENTS: Struggling Productions Partnership With Yace
5:16 - MUSIC: “Giving Up” by Ian McCuen
18:50 - MUSIC: “Ohhhhhh” by Philip Stephen
23:28 - INTERVIEW: Jason Wright, Part 1
35:20 - MUSIC: “#Anarchy” by On The Cinder
37:25 - INTERVIEW: Jason Wright, Part 2
47:10 - MUSIC: “Fair Enough” by Shambles
51:15 - Upcoming Shows
55:35 - MUSIC: “Feeling” by Omeri Monroe
59:15 -  Asking Santa
1:04 - Housekeeping

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