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GURNETT: Hunna on point at the Rec Room

On September 11th, The Hunna came to the Rec Room on Chippewa as the opening act for Barns Courtney. The English rock band debuted in 2016, and their first two albums peaked on the UK record charts at Nos. 13 and 12, respectively. But they’re still a relative unknown in the United States.

I really enjoyed the performance. Singer Ryan (Tino) Potter looked like a shirtless, English Chad Kroeger with his long, wavy blonde hair. Unlike Kroeger, however, Potter can actually sing and has a powerhouse voice. He was active and charismatic on stage all night and hit all his high notes with ease. I found him to be a very engaging frontman.

The rest of the band - lead guitarist Daniel Dorney, bassist Cuneyt Angin and drummer Jack Metcalfe - were tight and on point, with Dorney standing out on bass with his tight rhythms and sonorous thumping. “She’s Casual” and “Bonfire” from their debut album 100 really captured the crowd’s attention.

If you’re into energetic, radio pop-punk/rock, these guys are a great time. With influences ranging from Kings of Leon to Queen, they have a little of everything for most fans of mainstream rock. I’d recommend checking them out the next time they’re in town.

I hadn’t been to the Rec Room since they finished all the construction, and I’m happy to say the place looks great. My only complaint is that there weren’t even bar stools to sit on. There were a few reserved booths against the wall, but otherwise, sitting space was extremely limited. However, it’s still a great place to catch a concert.

Ryan Gurnett has a B.S. in Music Industry from The College of St Rose. He has worked as a studio engineer, live sound engineer, producer and sound editor and has been a musician for 25 years. He is currently the co-host of The Struggle is Real Buffalo Music Podcast and bassist for The Lady, or the Tiger?. Email him at SirWilliamIdol@gmail.com or find him on Twitter @SirWilliamIdol.

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