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HEaRD in WNY: Shows for April 18 - 24

This week's featured event is Matthew Danger Lippman, & more.
Matthew Danger Lippman returns home with his band for the SADOMANIA tour! This Buffalo native has been all over the country, spreading his eclectic music that hits all over the spectrum. You may see him as a just guy doing interesting things, but delve in and he's got a whole world of ideas and stories. After growing here in the 716, MDL later transplanted to Brooklyn where he is based currently. The former Brimstone Blondes frontman hits a trippy chord with his solo project. Sometimes hitting goofy punk, sometimes rap, & always experimental. Stop up at Sugar City this Friday, April 19th starting at 7pm for "an absolute DREAMbill of local genius". Buffalo's Welks Mice (described as vibraphone diy pop) and Lesionread (described as electronic experimental pop) round ou the line up. It's not often you get to support local slackerglam soul, so check it out!
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