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PODCAST: The Struggle Is Real (S1E25)

Host Nate Noworyta interviews Danusia Beats (aka Diana Nowak-Riffel) a very talented local drummer. Diana discusses what it’s like to be a full-time musician and session drummer in the 716 and we play a track from her band The Current. Cameron Thibeault from Of Night and Light and Ryan discuss The Final Five -- A Texas-based “booking agency” that is scamming local and national artists. The guys also talk previous and upcoming local shows including Pocket Vinyl, The Scarecrow Show, On The Cinder, Rubblebucket, Daze Ago and More! 0:56 - Intro 2:11 - Ryan talks about his hernia 6:45 - Previous Shows 14:39 - MUSIC: “The Rat Race” by The Scarecrow Show 19:20 - INTERVIEW: Diana Nowak-Riffel Part 1 29:20 - MUSIC: “Dirty Bird Special” by The Current 32:32 - INTERVIEW: Diana Nowak-Riffel Part 2 44:47 - Ryan (Again) Goes to War with the “Final Five Agency” with Cameron Thibeault 55:25 - Upcoming Shows 01:01:41 - MUSIC: “Out Loud” by Daze Ago 01:06:21 – End of Podcast/Housekeeping Check out all of Ryan’s great local Spotify playlists here. Our wonderful announcer Dustin also creates the wonderful Upchuck Theater Podcast, which can be found here: https://upchucktheater.podbean.com/

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