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PODCAST: The Struggle Is Real (S1E24 Part1)

Hosts Ryan Gurnett and Will Webb interview a huge roster of bands from the big October 26th show at Buffalo Iron Works, including Lost Connections, Ghostpool, Sidd the Kid and Kill the Clock. The gang has a discussion about their favorite fictional bands and Ryan talks local concerts while freezing his ass off in a cold alley. All that and more! This is the first of two episodes recorded at Iron Works. Part 2 will feature Astrabula, Fernway and more!

1:00 - Intro
2:00 - Ryan Complains About the All WNY Awards.
4:30 - Previous Shows
6:45 - MUSIC “Election Day“ by Lost Connections
9:15 - INTERVIEW: Lost Connections
12:32 - MUSIC: “Nightmare Eyes “ by Ghostpool
15:41 - INTERVIEW: Alec Westover and Aaron Gordon from Ghostpool
23:12 - Panel Discussion - Our Favorite Fictional Bands
38:48 - MUSIC: “Declaring War“ by Sidd the Kid
41:42 - INTERVIEW: Sidd the Kid
46:30 - INTERVIEW: Kill the Clock
51:05 - MUSIC: “Worry” by Kill the Clock
53:57 - Upcoming Show

Check out all of Ryan’s great local spotify playlists at https://open.spotify.com/user/kellanya?si=pzxYyJ3gSK2J1fv65qtbhg

Our wonderful announcer Dustin also creates the wonderful Upchuck Theater Podcast, which can be found here: https://upchucktheater.podbean.com/

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