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PODCAST: The Struggle Is Real (S1E23)

Hosts Ryan Gurnett and Nate Noworyta talk with local rock band Ghostpool about the state of the local scene, their approach to songwriting and what exactly their name means. They play music from Ghostpool as well as Jordan Potter and The Leones. Ryan and Will  discuss Face to Face’s September 17th concert and their first impressions of The Rec Room. They also discuss a full slate of upcoming concerts.

0:42 - Intro
2:20 - Previous Shows: Face to Face @ The Rec Room 9/17
7:50 - Ryan Complains About YOUR Submissions for the All WNY Music Award Nominations
10:00 - MUSIC: “Left Brain” by Ghostpool
12:53 - INTERVIEW: Ghostpool
25:42 - “Bleeding Heart” by Ghostpool
27:49 -  (con’t) INTERVIEW: Ghostpool
41:38 - Upcoming Concerts
50:30 - MUSIC: “Dealer” by The Leones
54:42 - Local Musician Spotlight: Jordan Porter
55:50 - MUSIC: “Amygdala (Aka… Push It Back) by Jordan Potter
1:01:44 - Outro


Ryan’s superior local music Spotify playlists are available at: https://open.spotify.com/user/kellanya?si=eUrfVz1HRP2RLL6olxExrg

Follow us on Twitter @SIRPodcastNY. Ryan can also be found on Twitter at @SirWilliamIdol‏.

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Go give some love to our announcer, Dustin, and his podcast: https://www.stitcher.com/podcast/upchuck-theater

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