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PODCAST: The Struggle Is Real (S1E17)

Musicians Ryan Gurnett and Dennis Reed Jr talk about the good, the bad and the funny of the Western New York music scene. We interview ethereal, garage-pop group “dreambeaches,” and play some songs from their current 2017 EP, “Disappearing Act.” Ryan catches us up on recent and upcoming shows, and we dispatch senior media producer Nate to Mr. Goodbar on 6/18 to talk to alternative emo band “Winski.”

1:52 Warped Tour Local Stage coverage preview
4:23 Dennis recaps 6/14 Bob Dylan Birthday Celebration
6:57 Behind the scenes of Infringement Festival 2018, call for volunteers
12:02 MUSIC: “Speck of Dust” by First Ward
13:30 Robbie Goo Takac, Music Is Art, grain silos
16:20 Ryan is starting another band
18:00 MUSIC: “On the Edge” by Burn the Brake
19:07 Ryan’s Scene Review and Preview
26:37 MUSIC: “Habits” by dreambeaches
29:50 INTERVIEW: Corey and Andrew from dreambeaches
56:11 MUSIC: “the only reason you want to go to California is that it’s the closest thing to heaven in your mind” by dreambeaches
1:00:02 MUSIC: “Bubblegum” by Winski
1:04:24 INTERVIEW: Band on the Street with Winski
1:15:44 The long goodbye.


Dreambeaches on Bandcamp: https://dreambeaches.bandcamp.com

Winski on Bandcamp: https://winski.bandcamp.com/

Buffalo Infringement Festival 2018: infringebuffalo.org

Burn the Brake CD Realease: babevillebuffalo.com/events/burn-the-brake-cd-release-party/

Dennis in Bob Dylan (Approximately): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6vacwCVDXPI

Ryan’s superior local music Spotify playlists are available at: https://open.spotify.com/user/kellanya?si=eUrfVz1HRP2RLL6olxExrg

Go give some love to our announcer, Dustin, and his podcast: https://www.stitcher.com/podcast/upchuck-theater

Follow us on Twitter @SIRPodcastNY. Gurnett and Reed can also be found on Twitter @SirWilliamIdol‏ and @agenbyte, respectively.

Keep up with our shenanigans on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/TheStruggleisRealPodcast/

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