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PODCAST: The Struggle Is Real (S1E13)

Musicians Ryan Gurnett, Dennis Reed Jr and Will Webb talk about the good, the bad and the funny of the Western New York music scene. We interview Sam Marabella, a Jedi master of The Struggle. He books profusely in many of Buffalo’s most desirable venues -- places they won’t let Dennis and Ryan use the sink -- owns Boulevard Music Lessons, and operates a sushi bar, of all things. He is also the former owner of legendary Buffalo dive bar Broadway Joe’s, and Dennis tries to get to the bottom of why Sam stopped booking his band there. In the entrepreneurial spirit of the hour, Ryan hosts a new game, “One-Star Yelp Venue Reviews (Buffalo).” Finally, we play music from and interviews with Humble Braggers, dreambeaches, and Nashville’s Basic Printer.

0:00:48 Dennis apologizes for deleting the Buffalo Shows Review and Preview
0:01:30 INTERVIEW: Sam Marabella, musician, music business owner, restaurateur
0:22:24 MUSIC: Sam Marabella Band, “Crossing at the Border” (Live at 9th Ward)
0:26:35 Sam interview (cont’d)
0:43:48 MUSIC: Sweatin’ Like Nixon, “Awake” (Self-titled)
0:48:38 Sam interview (cont’d)
0:54:40 GAME: One-Star Yelp Venue Reviews (Buffalo)
1:06:18 MUSIC: Humble Braggers, “Disposable Friends”
1:10:03 INTERVIEW: Humble Braggers, Band on the Street, 4/11/18, Mohawk Place
1:14:08 MUSIC: Basic Printer, “The Regal Sprint”
1:17:58 INTERVIEW: Basic Printer, Band on the Street, 4/11/18, Mohawk Place
1:22:37 MUSIC: dreambeaches, “Habits”
1:25:52 INTERVIEW: dreambeaches, Band on the Street, 4/11/18, Mohawk Place


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