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PODCAST: The Struggle Is Real (S1E10)

DESCRIPTION: Musicians Ryan Gurnett and Dennis Reed Jr talk about the good, the bad and the funny of being a DIY musician in Western New York. 2017 Buffalo Music Hall of Fame inductee Alison Pipitone sits down to talk about playing the biggest rooms in L.A., her disappointing development deal in New York, and gender in rock. Ryan recaps the most important local shows, and co-host Will Webb emerges from the shadows to join the conversation. “Ryan Goes to War” is debuted. CONTENTS: 0:00:00 - The Lord Blows My Trumpet - The Commitments (1991) 0:02:42 - Ryan’s Rundown of recent and upcoming local shows 0:03:33 - MUSIC: “The Moon Is Disgusting” by That 1 Guy (2017) 0:06:49 - WILL WEBB OFFICIAL DEBUT 0:09:04 - MUSIC: “Intro,” from The Pervasonic Sounds of the The Irving Klaws (1999) 0:10:10 - INTERVIEW: Alison Pipitone Part 1 0:40:27 - MUSIC: “Not Going Down” by Alison Pipitone (2017) 0:43:36 - INTERVIEW: Alison Pipitone Part 2 1:04:09 - MUSIC: “Erase Me” by Alison Pipitone 1:05:10 - Ryan Goes to War with “Hit ‘n’ Run” Check out Alison Pipitone at www.alisonpipitone.com, and don’t miss the Hamburg Music Festival on May 17, 2018. Follow us on Twitter @SIRPodcastNY. Gurnett and Reed can also be found on Twitter @SirWilliamIdol‏ and @agenbyte, respectively. Keep up with our shenanigans on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/TheStruggleisRealPodcast/ Listen here, or via the All Western New York News & Radio app for Android.

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