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HEaRD in WNY: Shows for March 29 - April 4

This week's featured show is Milo Duhn/Darth Nater - Dual Album Release Show on Saturday at Pine Apple Co.

Come celebrate the release of two awesome records by two kinda okay dudes. Milo Duhn and Darth Nater will perform songs from their new albums "Incongruity" and "A Century Ago", respectively. Did we mention it's a FREE SHOW?! Two for the price of none. (there also may or may not be free scones but the specifics have yet to be determined)

Milo Duhn started writing music when he was 9 years old, at that point in time, being highly influenced by bands like Taking Back Sunday and Alkaline Trio. As he grew older he started getting more into modern poppunk music, and later started gaining an appreciation for bands from the midwestern emo scene back in the 90's, and since has gained much influence from bands that are part of the emo revival that has been taking place. In 2014, Milo started playing live shows at a local music venue in his hometown of East Aurora, which gave him much comfort and passion for performing for audiences. He has found a true love for song writing and plans to continue writing and releasing music as often as possible.

Buffalo-based singer/songwriter Nate Noworyta has been releasing music under the name Darth Nater since 2011. With the release of his 3rd full-length album, Junior, Nate takes a departure from the revealing, autobiographical songs of his previous two releases and instead focuses on weaving detailed, imagery-driven stories. The album leading up to his newest release uses these scenarios to explore themes of adolescence and escape. As always, Darth Nater's songs revolve around a combination of dry humor and emotional depth.

The venue for this mash up of musical minds : Pine Apple Company (65 Allen St, Buffalo, NY). A collaborative space that is both a gallery with rotating featured artist shows and a gift shop of handmade goods created by six PACo artists in residence. Support local music, check out local art, and don't spend a dime this Saturday, March 31st starting at 7 p.m. It's sure to be a packed house!

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