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PODCAST: The Struggle Is Real (S1E6)

Welcome to Episode 6 of The Struggle Is Real Buffalo Music Podcast, where musicians Ryan Gurnett and Dennis Reed Jr talk about the good, the bad and the funny of being a DIY musician in the 716 of Western New York. In this episode, Buffalo rapper Lumberjack Matt and his squad partner Skillie Vanillie visit the Struggling Studios to talk about believing in yourself as an artist, the ingredients of putting on a good show, and making the jump from open mics to a regional tour. Our popular game show segment returns this episode, as Ryan tests his wits in “Who Said It? Lumberjack Matt, Don King, or Oprah Winfrey?” MUSIC: 29:00 - “Summertime” by Lumberjack Matt. Hear more Matt at reverbnation.com/Lumberjackmatt Follow the Struggle Is Real on Twitter @SIRPodcastNY. Gurnett and Reed can also be found on Twitter @SirWilliamIdol‏ and @agenbyte, respectively. Keep up with our shenanigans on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/TheStruggleisRealPodcast/ Listen below or via the All WNY News & Radio app for Android.

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