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HEaRD in WNY: Shows for July 13 - 19

This week's featured show is Greg Burt's 27th Birthday Show on Sunday at Mohawk Place.

It's that time of year when my age number increases by another digit. That's right, I'll be turning 27! As legend has it, every year when this time comes around a show is planned with some of Buffalo's favorites to celebrate the occasion. But, this year seems to be extra special. Five bands will all be reuniting at Mohawk Place on Sunday, July 16th. Bands from The Forvm days, the Xtreme Wheels days, the Broadway Joe's days, and beyond.

Buffalo's Pop Rock favorites Breckenwood are doing one more final show. Since forming in March of 2011 they have performed all over the North East of the U.S. Garrett Shea, Will Folckemer, Cameron Kukla, Stephen Adolf, & Anthony Knox will join forces once again to perform songs off their full length 'Take Me There' along with some rare songs you may not have heard since the start of their career!

The Lime Line earned themselves a staple spot at back in 2012/2013 with performances all over town. But the crew of Nick Benstead, Matt McCaslin, John Whitecar, Josh Kim, Tyler Will just like to play music about girl problems and yell angerly. After parting ways, some members went on to form Subtle Words who continued to draw crowds for quite some time. Coming back to the stage, the old crew is ready to bring back the good old days one more time!

With a ridiculous name like 3 Hour Power Shower, you know this crew is all about having fun. Playing their own blend of indie-post-punk music, they claim to be the best sliced bread since sliced bread. With everyone back in town due to college summer vacation the crew of Jimmy Cinski, Tyler Will, Jaden Zhang, & Johnathan Andrews are ready to slay the stage again. & by slay, I mean goof around and have a pop punk rock party of course!

Before The Rangeclips, Dollar Diplomacy made a name for themselves by taking many genres, and combining them to make a very unique sound. Their collective goal has been to make sure their fans go home more than satisfied, but left craving more music. Sadly it came to an end some years ago.... until now. The legend himself, Brad Martynowicz will take the microphone once again for a Dollar Diplomacy show once again!

With backgrounds in funk, punk, and most certainly rock, Crucial Taunt is the ultimate amalgamation of these three genres into the wildest aural experience your listening holes have never heard. They bring with them a special brand of silliness, while remaining completely serious about their music. With the funky funk master Nick Green slappin' on that bass guitar, and PJKaz bringing his own brand of progressive rock and metal stylings to the table, there's no limit to what Crucial Taunt can do for this one time reunion show!

Special guest Greg McGowan of Time & Distance will be coming back to town for a performance at this crazy event as well with an exclusive solo set! Don't miss out on this once in a lifetime event that will definitely take you back to the 2014 days! Doors open at 6:00 for this 18 or older event, and tickets are $10 presale or $15 at the door.

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Greg Burt is a Concert Promoter/Sound Guy/Music Supporter/Keyboardist/etc. He can be reached at Greg@FTMPEvents.com. For the full FTMP show calendar, visit www.FTMPEvents.com.

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