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LOCAL SPIN: Tracks you need to listen to right now

1. Rock’s Not Dead – Jorian Holka

I’ve reviewed Holka’s former band Holkampany, and between that and his new solo career are several parallels. I’ve only met him a handful of times but through his music it seems as if though he yearns for the days where hard rock was the primary placeholder over the entire music spectrum. He does it well, as his first single echoes exactly that. The heavy guitar licks are accented by distorted, loud vocals completing an overall hard rock song. What’s most appreciative about Holka from his career thus far? He never pulls any punches making a habit of writing straight-to- the-point rock songs. His full-length album drops June 10, and if this song is any indication of what we’ll get, we’re in for classic Holka; heavy riffs, hard vocals and an overall LP that punches you in the face.

2. Don’t Mind Me – Orion Taylor (ft. Miles B.)

This song is about seven months old, however it hasn’t lost its timeliness; which music never really seems to do unless it is overplayed and exhausted to its audience. I was turned on to this artist by one of his producers who dubbed him as the best rapper in Buffalo. I have my own opinions as does the guy who showed him to me, but there’s no denying this kid is pretty good. The song has a catchy hook, good flow - everything you’d ask for in a good rap song. The instrumental behind Taylor’s bars are unique featuring what seems to be muffled female vocals complimented by a simple drum pattern giving the song good movement.

3. Drunk Again – The Otherme

I heard this song for the first time on 107.7 the other day. The DJ on set told of a story about this song being played live in Fredonia and how it completely took the room over. On the radio was being played an acoustic version of the song, which is good if you’re into that. Personally (which is what this is, a personal review), the song sounds better being accompanied by a complete band. The former rapper, Aidan Licker, carries the verses with a type of vocalization that mimics that of rap, but it’s not really rap; it’s like a singing rap? I can’t put my finger on it, but the chorus is awesome too. This is one of the best songs from the local scene I’ve heard in a while.

James Burns reviews local music for All WNY News & Radio. Contact him at james.burns@allwnyradio.com.

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