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LOCAL SPIN: Local rock giants Head North return to music scene in transformative way

Bands come and go, especially at the local level. Unlike a professionally touring/recording band, work, school, etc. affect the ability for amateur bands to stay together. Longevity, and the ability to succeed and improve as long as a band is together, separate the bad from the good and the good from the great.

Head North is a great local band and they could probably be one of the bands that ‘makes it,’ if they haven’t already. They just released their new music video for one of their lead singles from their new album (which was released Friday) entitled “Pulse,” showing they’ve picked up right where they left off as one of the alternative music powerhouses of WNY.

The video is, for lack of a better word, trippy. Doses of acid are shown being taken in the beginning of the video setting the tone for the eclectic song. And while the song is somewhat odd, it is oddly-good featuring a catchy bass line, unique guitar accents and subtle-yet- effective vocal tones coming from the lead singer. The drums on the song do a great job of utilizing the ‘less is more’ approach with a simple yet attractive drum pattern giving great balance to the tune as a whole.

Their other single from their recently released LP, “By Presidential Decree,” hits even harder. The heavily upbeat jam, which continues to echo the band’s sound, shows how versatile they are while not venturing too far from the style that got them to where they are now. This song almost sounds like a mix between The Dangerous Summer and Taking Back Sunday with the tones of alternative rock echoed through an unorthodox song format.

Simply put, these guys are great and they’ve been great for a while. They’ll probably continue to be great and improve to the next level; a level envied by the entire local music scene that will never reach it. They’ve been the catalyst and the most evident indication that the Buffalo music scene is back and only continuing to improve throughout the next several weeks, months, years; and it just keeps getting better, as will they. Here’s Head North, one of the bands on the scene that truly deserves to make it, and if the universe is any bit reasonable – they will.

Photo courtesy Head North / Facebook.

James Burns reviews local music for All WNY News & Radio. Contact him at james.burns@allwnyradio.com.

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