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LOCAL SPIN: Kill The Clock returns to music scene with new single, “Ode to Cheating Death”

Kill The Clock has become a mainstay on the local music scene finding a catalyst of success in the small college-town of Fredonia. The local hotbed for music has helped the group grow immensely popular over the past several months due to its high demand for local music such as KTC’s. Local venues such as BJ’s, as well as well as the several house shows that exist in the area, have all been foundations in which the band has been able to grow.

The band took advantage of their growing success with the release of their newest single “Ode to Cheating Death,” one of three songs to be found on their upcoming EP.

The song, echoing the cries of pop-punk groups throughout the past several years begins with a fast-paced simplified three-chord intro accented by one of Joe Morganti’s signature guitar licks; something that has become a mainstay in the band’s sound. The melodic chorus compliments the simple verse combining all elements to sound like a professionally written modern-day punk song. If you haven’t already, expect no less from the band.

The content of the song describes the modern-day college lifestyle of binge-drinking, being overwhelmed with the new challenge of adulthood which is usually accompanied by having little to no money (but still having a tattoo fund as lead singer Dan McCormick belts in the second verse of the song).

One of the reasons KTC has found success among the local music scene is their professional but playful use of the band’s image. Transparency and giving the band a personality is something the band finds to be a huge asset as well as being able to understand the professionalism behind social media and PR image.

KTC’s EP release show/tour kickoff show will take place June 6. Currently in the running to play on this year’s Warped Tour, the band is collecting votes here. You can vote by watching the videos in full on the page.

James Burns reviews local music for All WNY News & Radio. Contact him at james.burns@allwnyradio.com.

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