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ANNOUNCEMENT: All WNY Radio opens call-in line, offers new show


BUFFALO -- All WNY Radio is once-again expanding its lineup, introducing a listener-driven call-in talk show to begin June 1.

"Doctor Mic" will feature phone calls from listeners offering up their take on whatever is on their minds at the time. People are encouraged to call the all-new All WNY Radio studio line at (716) 427-3886 any time, day or night, to record a message for broadcast. The message should be on a topic of interest locally, but otherwise, there are no restrictions.

"We'd like the phone calls to be pithy and on topics of general interest, but it's truly going to be the people's show," said All WNY Radio founder Scott Leffler. "If people want to rant about bad service they received at a restaurant or the fact that their neighbor won't mow their lawn, we're happy to air it."

"Think of this as free therapy," Leffler said. "Unlicensed and worth every penny."

The segment, a literal airing of grievances, will be broadcast at 2 and 5 p.m. each Thursday, balancing out the station's weekday lineup, which offers segments from Rochester's Cory McKnight during that time slot on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, and Middleport's Michael Sargent on Tuesdays. McKnight's and Sargent's topics vary with Sargent gravitating towards photography. The station also has talk shows Monday and Wednesday evenings, but is primarily geared towards local music.

"We have a feeling that Doctor Mic will quickly outgrow what is designed to be a 15 minute time slot and will likely move to a full hour time slot Thursday evening when it does," Leffler said. "We'll have to see if and when that happens."

Leffler, a long-time radio talk show host made the announcement Thursday afternoon during the 2 and 5 p.m. slot. A podcast of his announcement, can be heard here.

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