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HEaRD in WNY: Top shows for March 2 - 8

This week's featured show is the Del Paxton Record Release Show at 7 p.m. Friday at Mohawk Place.

Del Paxton are an American alternative rock band from Buffalo. The band consists of vocalist/guitarist Dylan England (formerly of Longitude), vocalist/bassist Zach Schoedel (formerly of Fairway) and drummer Greg McClure (formerly of Beach Parade). They formed back in 2013; and are named after the fictional jazz pianist portrayed by Bill Cobbs in the 1996 film That Thing You Do! They played their first show in May 2013 in Fredonia and then released their debut five-track EP entitled "Worst. Summer. Ever."

Many bands in the ever fickle pop-punk or emo genre tend to tout their pureness of heartbreak, but not Del Paxton. Less weathered bands perform with the fresh optimism of the first winter snow. Del Paxton is the gritty morning commute. Their newest songs are short angsty brushes of fury. The brush that cuts across your windshield as your head counts seconds, the scrape across your headlights as you run out of time. Del Paxton captures the intensity of impending lateness. "Del Paxton's brand of emo/indie/you name it is infectious as it is heavy-hitting." -AbsolutePunk

Fast forward to 2017 : Del Paxton are now signed to Topshelf Records and are set to release their debut full length record "All Day, Every Day, All Night" on Friday, March 3rd at Mohawk Place with their good friends Slow Cooker, Sonny Baker Band, Yellow House, & VWLS! So go out and support these local legends, and have a rocking time at one of Buffalo's favorite venues!

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