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HEaRD in WNY: Top shows for the week of Dec. 12 - 18

The featured event for the week is Saturday's The Big BANG! at Evening Star Concert Hall.

13.8 billion years ago, a large-scale evolution started taking place in a moment called the BIG BANG, and we're all products of the whole history of the Universe up until this point. So Nathan Bluerock has decided to have all of us come together at this huge birthday party/multi-genre event to celebrate our existences! Come colorful. Come Extravagant. Because they do this to give outcasts a space to feel at home and express themselves, network, grow, and build the love community. To inspire thought and motivate action. To give a stage to the demonstrators of existence. And to DANCE LIKE CRAZY, whether it is to remember or to forget.


  • OPEN MIC from 7-8 p.m.
  • Your HOST(ess) with the most(ess), Tyreese Maye
  • The Stand Up Comedian Called Travis
  • Arlowe Price's FREAK SHOW as Zombie Santa
  • The Hypnic Jerks, Grace Of Faults, & Big Tim will be performing
  • Wet Paint's EP release and ROCK N ROLL performance
  • DJ FE'NETIKS, Loki Dnb, Basha, & Pulsejunkie B2B DJ Oddity on the decks
  • Along with a variety of vendors and more!
/// other shows ///

Greg Burt is a Concert Promoter/Sound Guy/Music Supporter/Keyboardist/etc. He can be reached at Greg@FTMPEvents.com. For the full FTMP show calendar, visit www.FTMPEvents.com.

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