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'Cute' lead singer causes social media, radio uproar

BUFFALO -- "ThinkSoJoe Show" hosts Joe Kent and Brian Muller spent a large portion of their All WNY Radio show tonight devoted to the topic of rape culture -- and particularly the statements of "Cute Is What We Aim For" front man Shaant Hacikyan, who said it doesn't exist.

The radio talk show hosts, responding to an Aux.tv story forwarded them from a listener, ended up on a 30-plus minute rant about American rape culture from their unique points of view, talking at length -- and with colorful language -- about the Brock Turner case in which the Stanford student received a six-month sentence for raping a girl behind a dumpster, which was later reduced to three months for "good behavior."

Hacikyan, the only member of the Buffalo-based group who has been with the outfit since its 2005 debut, had posted about the Turner case on Facebook, stating:
Rape culture isn't a thing. For real. Playing the victim seems to fit the narrative. In my 29 years I've yet to encounter a human who is looking to rape someone. Everyone loves sex but I have never met a dude who is going out into the world to commit rape. There may be horrible humans out there who are predators but to say there is a culture of rape is short sighted & aggressive. Look into the actual statistics & get back to me.
Hacikyan later recanted, stating -- again on Facebook:
I'm sorry, I was wrong. I regret my words. I am steadfast in my appreciation to have so many people who know more than I on this topic to take the time to educate me & broaden my perspective. Truly sorry & truly thankful.
Hacikyan and Cute Is What We Aim For will play at 8:15 p.m. Saturday as part of the Music Is Art festival at Delaware Park.

Photo courtesy of Shaant Hacikyan / Facebook.

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