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LOCAL SPIN: The Hovelists release new single 'My Dear'

Hailing from modest roots in Olean, local act The Hovelists have recently released their new single, "My Dear," which can be found here. The track, while starting out slow, is a song that can find its place among the right listeners if introduced correctly.

There are a few minor downfalls with this song. The verse and chorus have trouble identifying themselves from one another which makes the song sort of ramble on as if you were listening to a three-hour lecture about neuro-molecular studies (and I don’t even know if that is a real thing).

However, the song actually turns out to be pretty cool; not catchy, not “fun,” but cool. The vocals throughout the verse have a good way of flowing in and out of each other through echoing and harmonies. There’s darkness in this song that can only be acknowledged through lyricism and unique instrumental qualities. Listening to this song made me think of bands like Brand New and The Used.

Judging from this band and their first single from their new album, expect a dark-sounding album separating itself from the rest of the local music scene. These guys sound different, and different is good – especially in an environment where your success is based on how much you are able to stand out. Overall the song is good (not great) but I am excited to hear what else this band will release in the future.

The Hovelists are currently performing regionally and recording tracks for their first full-length album “Error of the Second Kind.” The album will be completed this fall and is scheduled for release in the spring of 2017.

Rating: 7/10

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