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LOCAL SPIN: The Rifts storm onto Buffalo music scene with new demo

Hailing from Buffalo, The Rifts are one of the newest bands on the local music scene.

Emulating the sounds of classic rock, newer alternative rock and modern funk, the Rifts have exploded onto the Buffalo music scene with their new four-song demo.

The first song on the demo is titled Killing Time. The track is highlighted by a powerful chorus and short yet effective guitar solo by lead guitarist Cory Clancy.

The best song and lead single on the demo is entitled Make No Mistake. The verses have a very Strokes-esque effect on them with a very heavy, muffled sound. Throughout the first verses and chorus the song is catchy while not having any pop-like implications. The song then picks up into a very fast tempo in which there is another guitar solo by Clancy ending the song.

The third song on the track is called Balladia. This song, cleverly enough is the only ballad on the album. The soft verses in the song bring to life the chorus of the song in which front-man Brendan Hoare’s voice is projected through your speakers.

The final track on the album is entitled Rush. Nothing about this song stands out compared to the others, the chorus is good, not great but the instrumentals behind the song are some of the most interesting to dive into.

Overall this demo shows The Rifts are still getting used to each other. While there is a lack of chemistry that other bands show after years of playing together, this band shows potential when it comes to reaching that peak. This band is good and they will probably be really good in about a year. If you haven’t seen this band play live then do it. The growth of the Rifts will be something that the Buffalo music scene cannot hide from.

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