Friday, April 01, 2016

Happy 10th anniversary to All WNY Radio

All WNY Radio     Friday, April 01, 2016    

Ten years ago today, All WNY Radio was born with a concert in the UAW hall in Lockport.

Our kickoff concert had three bands and "cheap beer," as the newspaper advertisement so proudly displayed.

Over the years, we've had a lot of bands -- and a lot of cheap beer. But one thing that has not changed is our commitment to the local music scene.

Leading up to the 10th anniversary, we've been busy on a pretty major undertaking -- a brand new companion website to The all-new aims to do the same thing for local news that has done for local music -- give it an outlet.

The sites are pretty deeply engrained into one another, as is the new, which will serve as the landing pad for the All WNY Music Awards, as well as another annual awards campaign, which we'll discuss more later.

But for now, check out All WNY News ... and let us know what you think.

- Scott Leffler
- The Man With the Plan


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